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From: Aaron Swanson
Subject: Eye-spy emmerdale part 2The next day dragged for David as he fantasised about the night ahead. He
broke the speed limit getting back to his house to switch on the monitors
and check for activity from his tenant. It was a warm night, airless and
still, and David sipped on a beer as he watched Daz come home from
work. Sweating and greasy in his flithy blue overalls, the young mechanic
locked the door, shut the blinds and, to avids deligh, began to climb out
of his clothes. His boots were left at the door, his overalls slumped to
the ground as he entered the sitting room, lolita girl image galleries
and his shirt and trousers were
flung over the sofa. His boxers were hurled into a corner and Daz jiggled
to let his cramped balls and cock get some air.David watched him intently as he cooked an omelette, ate it and watched the
news in the nude. He sat on the sofa with one leg raised, resting his foot
on the low coffee table in front of the sofa. David sat behind the screen,
staring at the dark shadows underneath the teenagers sack. It seemed to
take ages before Daz switched off the TV and headed for the bedroom. David
switched on the night vision in the bedroom as Daz shut out the light, and
waited until Daz was sleeping soundly. Then he made his move.Within minutes David had used the spare key, and was standing in Daz's
bedroom, still in the suit lolitas models sample videos he'd gone to work in. He came to the side of he
bed and peered at the sleeping stud. Daz was lying on his belly with his
legs spread, the quilt thrown loley acrss his back. His head was tilted to
the side, mouth slightly oen.David took the bottle of chloroform and the
hanky from his jacket and dabbed a little on the cloth. Then he held it
under Daz's nse for a few moments, letting the lad inhale the fumes and
drift deeper asleep.When he was convinced that there would be no "disturbances" Davd took hold
of the blanket and slid it gently to the floor. Daz ws sleeping in the
buff, as David thought he would be. In the dim light his arse cheek gloed
sofly like globes of smooth marble. Not a single hair or blemish. David
moved in closer and closer without touching Daz, until his nose was inches
away fom the sleeping lads crack. eHe inhaled deeply, and could smell the
musky scent of the boy. He could feel the heat rising from those still
mounds of flesh. He couldn't resist any more.He lowered his head so that the tip of his nose pressed between Daz's
cheeks, then nuzzled in, burrowing until his face was pressed firmly
against Daz's ass and his lips were scrunched into the narrow cleft. Then
he started munching slowly. As his jaws bunched, his tongue swirled out and
rubbed against Daz's rosebud, making it pucker. As he got more and fresh young boys lolitas more
into it, he started rocking back and forth steadily, pushing at the
sleeping lads hips with hid jaws. Daz moaned softly in his sleep, a frown
furrowing his brow. As his wet hole loosened with the attention, David
burrowed deeper and deeper with his touge, each fresh assault forcing
another groan out of Daz.He began to squirm mindlessly, trying to escape the probing tonuge of his
assailant. David planted his hands firmly on Daz's cheeks, anchoring his
pelvis in place, and also spreading his cheeks wider, allowing him further
access. Daz moaned higher, in concern almost, and struggled harder. Fearful
of waking him up, David finally lifted his head. Daz rolled over in his
sleep, his body anxiously trying to protect it's back door. However, his
rock hard erection sprang to attention straining upwards. David couldn't
pass up on this golden opportunity. He hovered his hed above Daz's cock and
drooled over the foreskin. Then, he opened his mouth and sank slowly onto
the kid, deepthroating him in seconds. Daz groaned loudly this time,
gasping in pleasure. He squirmed but there was no escape this time. Half of
his cock was in David's throat, and David's lips were clamped firmly around
the downy base. He knew that to give hte lad a full-on blowjob would wake
hyim up for sure, so after a moment of pleasure, David slid back up and
freed the young mans boner from his wet hold.David stripped naked in a giddy passion. He leaned forward and wrapped his
fist around Daz's cock and his own impressive erection, squeezing the two
together. David closed his eyes and moaned softly. He could feel Daz's
pulse beating through his thick hard-on, and their balls rubbed against
each other. He got off on the fact that he could be this intimate with
another man nude little lolita photos
and nearly shot his load onto Daz's stomach. Then he regained
control and pulled back. Slipping the blanket back onto the bwed, he
gathered his own clothes and left the house in darkness again.He was jacking himself off before he even closed his own front door and
within a minute he shot thick jets of come. The explosion left him feeling
unfulfilled though and he already began to look forward to the comin g
days. Molesting the guy in his sleep was one thing, but David wanted
something more. He was hoked on the drug of Daz, and he was going to need a
bigger dose...All comments and suggestions to I've read
all of the ones so far and I'll be incorporating them all, so if you want
anything to happen in this fantasy, tell me and I'll add it!
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